Streamlining Fire Cylinder Inspection: Meeting NFPA and ISO Standards with Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele®!

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Safeguarding lives and property hinges on maintaining fire suppression systems’ efficacy. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) stands as a pillar in guiding inspection, servicing, testing, and maintenance protocols. In this article, we delve into how Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR simplify ISO and NFPA compliance, offering a seamless approach to inspecting fire suppression cylinders.

ISO and NFPA Compliance in Testing and Measuring Contents in Fire Cylinders:  

In the realm of fire safety, ISO and NFPA standards are pivotal. Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR stand out as solutions tailored to NFPA 2001:2022 for clean agent fire extinguishing systems and NFPA 12:2022 for carbon dioxide extinguishing systems. These devices ensure compliance by accurately measuring agent levels and weight, negating the need for physical cylinder weighing, as stipulated by both NFPA and ISO standards. 

NFPA 2001:2022 – Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems:  

The significance of NFPA 2001 cannot be overstated. Chapter 11 mandates semiannual service and inspection, incorporating agent quantity and pressure checks. Portalevel® MAX PLUS, distinguished by its UL-listed measurement technique, becomes an invaluable tool. It assists in accurately determining agent quantity, aligning perfectly with NFPA 2001 standards and ensuring adherence to critical regulations. 

NFPA 12:2022 – Standard on Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems:  

NFPA 12 carries vital insights into carbon dioxide extinguishing systems. Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR streamline compliance by simplifying the calculation of agent weight, all without the need for cylinder dismantling. This directly addresses the demands set forth by NFPA 12:2022 and underscores the innovative potential of Coltraco Ultrasonics’ solutions. 

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ISO Standards: 

Amid the stringent regulatory landscape, ISO standards act as a guiding light. ISO 14520-1:2015 calls for consistent inspections using liquid level indicators or weight checks. This is where Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR come into play, transforming liquid level data into actionable agent weight data, thereby enhancing compliance without the hassle of cylinder dismantling. Similarly, ISO 6183:2022 mandates the inspection of carbon dioxide extinguishing systems. By utilizing Portalevel® MAX PLUS with Portasteele® CALCULATOR, compliance becomes not just feasible, but seamless. 

Ultrasonic Testing and Measuring Contents in Fire Cylinders:  

The application of ultrasonic technology enhances inspection precision. Ultrasonic liquid level indicators furnish accurate measurements of agent levels. However, converting these measurements into agent weight remains a challenge due to the absence of manufacturer data. 

This challenge is where Coltraco Ultrasonics comes to the rescue with the Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR. While the Portalevel® MAX PLUS precisely measures liquid levels, the Portasteele® CALCULATOR transforms these measurements into actionable agent weight data. This dual system ensures compliance with regulations while alleviating the challenges of traditional inspection methods. 

In pic: Portalevel® MAX PLUS

in pic: Portasteele® CALCULATOR

Benefits of Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR
  • Traceability and Compliance: By converting liquid level data to agent weight, these devices ensure traceability to cylinder label data, thereby satisfying NFPA and ISO regulations. 
  • UL-Listed Measurement Technique: The Portalevel® MAX PLUS’ UL listing aligns perfectly with NFPA’s demand for listed measuring devices. 
  • Simplified Inspections: The streamlined process of determining agent weight without cylinder dismantling not only enhances compliance but also promotes safer and more efficient inspections. 
  • Datalogging and Reporting: The Portasteele® CALCULATOR’s data logging and reporting features substantiate inspection records with time and date stamps, reinforcing confidence in the inspection process. 
  • Enhancing Fire Safety Compliance with Coltraco Ultrasonics: In conclusion, Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR elevate fire safety compliance. These devices streamline inspections, enhance accuracy, mitigate risks, and contribute to the overall effectiveness of fire suppression systems. 


Embracing the Portalevel® MAX PLUS and Portasteele® CALCULATOR is a testament to a forward-thinking approach to fire safety. These tools not only align with NFPA and ISO regulations but also establish a new standard for inspection efficiency. By adopting these innovative solutions, facilities prioritize safety, achieve regulatory adherence, and pave the way for a more secure future. 

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