Why is airtightness so important?

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Airtightness is important for many reasons, including reducing heat loss, improving comfort and ensuring better ventilation in buildings, hospitals wards, rooms or compartments.

This is why we at Coltraco Ultrasonics develop technologies to solve seemingly impossible challenges, one of these unique technologies is the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT.

This is the first time that one instrument can:

– Identify leak sites with a microscopic level of accuracy, and

– Measure and quantify them using sophisticated algorithms, and

– Generate a value for the air flow rate through each leak site, as well as

– Calculate the room or building’s overall air permeability and

– Store photographic and quantitative data to generate traceable, exportable reports.

Case Studies

Exclusive Distributor, Innotec Hong Kong, tested the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT at a pre-fabricated negative pressurised ward room, which was used during the COVID19 pandemic to facilitate patients infected with SARS-COV19.

The Innotec team used the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT to quantify leak sites, to ensure that the negative pressurisation system works effectively, to stop the spread of COVID19 from isolated patients.

Leak points were found within the doors in the negatively pressurised ward room.

The trial at a Passivhaus in Manchester demonstrated the many benefits of the ‘world first’ globally unique Portascanner® AIRTIGHT.

During the testing, the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT performed outstandingly, identifying several leaks in the front door and external window of the semi-detached building, despite this having previously passed a preliminary Door Fan Blower Test.

Those at the trial confidently identified several air leaks in the frame of the front door itself and in the wall around the door.

Fire, smoke and toxic gases will travel through any gap, and it is vital to frequently check Fire Doors for airtightness.

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