Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Marketing & Communications Assistant, Chloe Kay, enjoyed a successful exhibition on Thursday 4th July 2019, at the RiscAuthority Manchester Seminar, held at the University of Manchester. Coltraco thank the kindness of the Ms Maev Buchanan of RiscAuthority and Dr Jim Glockling of the Fire Protection Association who invited them to be exhibitors.

The seminar had a range of excellent and diverse talks for the insurance industry, focusing on how to mitigate risk within the UK. RiscAuthority’s membership comprises 95% of the UK Commercial Insurance market covering Fire, Flood, Security, Cyber and Liability perils.

Chloe presented our Safesite® range of technologies used to test vital fire protection systems, ensuring safety for people infrastructure and assess:

  • Contents verification of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems (CO2, NOVEC™ 1230 and FM-200™, etc) via Portalevel® MAX
  • Convert liquid level to weight or mass of suppressant agent via Portasteele® CALCULATOR
  • Test compartmentation integrity in buildings and civil engineering structures to complement door fan testing, via Portascanner® 520
  • Inspect metal thickness and corrosion of cylinders + pipework via Portagauge® 3 + 4
  • Check for bearing wear and tear in rotating machinery via Portamonitor®

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