Listings in IMPA Marine Store Guide – 26 July 2019

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We are proud to be support our customers in the shipping and marine industry. Our top marine products are listed in the IMPA Marine Stores Guide for the ease of our customers:

Sinking is the number 1 cause of loss of ships at sea and fire is the number 2. Combatting these areas through inspecting watertight integrity of the holds, doors and MCTs and inspecting the ships’ fixed fire suppression system, Coltraco Ultrasonics can help you to deliver the Safeship®.

This is our mission: to improve safety for your people, cargo and vessels at sea. We aim to support you with better, faster and cheaper solutions for watertight integrity and fire safety compared to traditional methods, whilst allowing you to comply with regulations. The top 17% of the world’s fleet use our technology – we welcome you to also.

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