A Multi Sector Market Powering Our World

During COVID-19, the energy sector is proving how critical it is. We are proud to support the vital work of powering all our electricity by improving safety through our technology.

Our customers reflect the energy mix of offshore oil and gas exploration and production, coal fired power stations, hydro gas plants, to nuclear power plants through to renewable energy, such as wind turbines in both onshore and offshore farms. They chose our technology predominantly for testing their fire extinguishing systems and watertight integrity.

Platform & Rig

Offshore Vessels

Power Plant

power generation

Sub - stations

Oil & Gas Refinery

Wind Turbine

Safety First

Over the years we have witnessed the energy matrix changing, as traditional oil and gas exploration and production companies diversify into offshore wind power generation and  coal plants choose clean methods to reduce carbon emissions for example. We applaud the industry initiatives driving towards greener, cleaner, more sustainable options. We are proud to be supporting the drive towards renewable energy.

Leaks in watertight integrity

Offshore use, watertight integrity is critical below the waterline and for hatches above sea level against waves/weather. As well as protecting the internal watertight and weathertight compartments of doors, hatches, multiple cable transits – using ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicator Portascanner® WATERTIGHT

Onshore: compartmentation – is the way of ensuring airtight integrity of rooms is key to ensure that when the fire suppression systems actuate, the rooms can hold the agent to achieve fire extinguishment with Portascanner® 520.

Preventative maintenance

Metal corrosion – common across all these applications to ensure metal thickness is consistent to identify areas of rust and corrosion using ultrasonic thickness gauge Portagauge® 3.

Bearing wear and tear – vital to inspect all rotating machinery from pumps to engines for the correct bearing lubrication and identify wear and tear early to prevent expensive downtime from breakages using portable acoustic emissions which is a competitive advantage compared to typical vibration monitor methods – Portamonitor®

Critical fire safety

Fixed fire systems are used to extinguish a fire. These system use cylinders filled with CO2 or clean agent which can leak due to being under high pressure in the cylinders. So its mandatory to check the cylinder fill at least once a year or 6 months. For 12 or 6 month inspections use ultrasonic liquid level indicator – Portalevel® MAX. OR choose remote constant monitoring 24/7 with – Permalevel®

Sprinkler systems are used in many manned areas and its necessary to check for obstructions in the pipework and test the rate of flow in the pipework using ultrasonic transit time flow meter – Portasonic®2.FL0.

Would you like to know which customers we have worked with in your industry?

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